Hemp and Diabetes (Bob Marley would have loved it!)

Now, I know some of you might be thinking “Hemp?? Isn’t that illegal?”.

The hemp I am talking about here is industrial hemp, Cannabis Sativa. Although this is a cousin to the marijuana plant, it has no THC and is non-narcotic. Hemp has been used for tens of thousands of years as a fiber, oil and food.

Let me backtrack a bit. Recently I became very ill and was admitted to the hospital. For 2 days my blood sugar was tested regularly and I was given injections of insulin because the numbers were quite high. The nurses asked me how often I checked my blood sugar at home; I told them I was not diabetic! They were all a bit surprised.

Apparently the large doses of Prednisone in my IV were raising my blood sugar drastically. (Something new to add to the knowledge bank.) Two weeks later I had my blood sugar tested again – it was 112. That’s okay, but not really ideal, according to the doctor.

Since then, I’ve been researching, reading, watching videos, and finding as much information as possible about diabetes. Because I am overweight, I have made a drastic change in my lifestyle and eating habits. The diagnosis I do not want to hear in the future (either near or distant) is that I have diabetes.

Now, back to hemp. The hemp plant is one of the most versatile plants on the planet. It requires no fertilizer to grow. It actually is GOOD for the earth it is grown in. Did you know that after the disaster in Chernobyl hemp was grown to help heal the soil?

Hemp’s nutritional values make it an excellent superfood. It is a perfect protein. The hemp seed is 24% protein and has 8 essential amino acids and antioxidants. It is gluten-free and it has the perfect balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, as well as amounts of trace minerals.

The reasons the intake of Omega fatty acids are so important are:

  • The brain is made up of the Omega 3 fatty acid DHA, so getting enough Omega 3 is critical
  • The body’s cell membranes are made up of Omega 3 fats; deficiency of Omega 3 is what causes the cells to work less efficiently and become less porous, thereby allowing illness and disease. One thing that happens when the cell membranes are less porous is the cell then becomes insulin resistant (this can be one of the factors that lead to diabetes.)
  • Omega 3’s help with circulation
  • Omega 3’s are natural inflammatory agents

The list, of course, goes on and on and on.

As you can see above, a deficiency in Omega fatty acids can be a factor in developing diabetes. This is where the hemp comes in – the perfect source of Omega 3 acids and perfect protein.

The hemp used as food comes in many forms : hemp flour, hemp oil and hemp seed (the shelled hemp seeds are knows as ‘hemp hearts’). Hemp flour is perfect for baking; the hemp oil is excellent as a dietary supplement and is great in salad dressings (the oil must be refrigerated after opening); the hemp seeds or hearts are also great in baking and sprinkled on salads, soups, or any number of dishes. Hemp seeds are a bit similar in size to chopped sesame seeds, and have a pleasant, mild, nutty flavor. (Please note – hemp oil is not to be used for frying. It must be kept under 350 degrees. Any temperature over 350 degrees will destroy its beneficial properties.)

Not only is hemp good for YOU, it’s good for our planet.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress with my new lifestyle, eating habits and glucose levels. I have now incorporated hemp seed and hemp oil into my daily diet, as well as more exercise and more conscious living.

Thank you for joining me on my journey!

By Becca Wolford

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*I do not work in the medical field, so any information I have provided is from my own personal research. If you wish to add hemp to your diet or if you have questions or concerns, PLEASE talk to your medical care provider.


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